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Business coaching

Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner or committee wants it to be.

A business coach will assist and guide the business owner or committee in growing their business by helping them clarify their business vision and how it fits with their personal goals.

The services that can “fit” into this category fall within a very wide range. Here are some of them:

Business strategy

  • Business opportunity evaluation.
  • Viability.
  • Technological validation (with partners).
  • Market analysis / competitive analysis.

Strategic advice

  • Establish business and income models.
  • Organization and Marketing.
  • Organizational development planning.
  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies.
  • Identification and commitment of strategic technical and commercial partners.
  • Website optimization and web analytics development.

Commercial agreements and intellectual property

  • Contractual agreement or business agreement
  • Opinion on intellectual property.

Human resources

  • Identification of requirements.
  • Development of recruitment profiles.
  • Development of a long-term retention plan.

Commercial representation

If you are thinking or planning to develop new markets, starting with reliable help is the smartest way to go.

From initial market research and validation to product delivery and pickup, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the things we can do for your company are:

  • Market study.
  • Local presence.
  • Incorporation.
  • Partners.
  • Development of distributors and customers.
  • Local campaigns.
  • Events & catering.

Business acquisition

We work with buyers and sellers to complete transactions. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact us directly or complete a buyer details form to participate in the following buyer programs.

Exclusive Buyers

Hire a retainer to search for prospective buyers based on agreed criteria

Syndicated Buyers

Participate in a private equity pool program to acquire passive interests in private companies.

Qualified Buyers

They contract with us on a non-exclusive basis to present them with acquisition opportunities identified by us.

Interested Buyers

Please provide us with your procurement criteria to receive notifications of the offers we represent that meet your criteria.

We also provide commercial acquisition services to buyers who have identified an acquisition target.

These services may include valuation analysis, leading or assisting in negotiating prices and terms, and coordinating and conducting financial due diligence that focuses on the most critical areas.

We can also help you set up the profile before entering “acquisition mode.”


EMPROSS-shelter services in Mexico

If you are thinking or planning to develop to expand your business to foreign markets; Being willing to sell your solutions, products or services in new markets is one thing.

Being ready is another.

We help your business achieve that market readiness so it doesn’t grow outside of its real limits.

Some of the things that we will go through in this process are:

  • Plan to market
  • International budget.
  • Adapted offer (a preliminary market study is needed).
  • Adaptation of collateral material (languages, website, brochures, value offer, etc.)
  • Normative and legal compliance.
  • Incorporation (if necessary).
  • Creation & adaptation of the international management structure.

Soft landing

Get all the support you need to focus yourself or your key personnel on doing what needs to be done!

Soft landing services include:

  • Expatriate support.
  • Immigration services.
  • Induction meeting on the first week.
  • Pension and temporary room (fully furnished).
  • Family settlement (school, transportation, special services).
  • Access to credit (bank, real estate, mortgage).
  • Business plan.
  • Local infrastructure.
  • Legal.
  • Accounting.
  • Logistics.


We act as intermediaries, connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate transactions between individuals, and Canadian and Mexican organizations.

We will set the table for a successful negotiation between the parties.

Win-win strategies are our firm and our main goal, as we firmly believe that it always pays off in long-term relationships.

  • Industrial real estate and housing brokerage
  • Product brokerage


Do you need an expert to animate your conference or seminar with topics related to market opportunities in Mexico and Canada?

Call us today!

From an overview of the country, to details on how to start doing business, landing softly, or building a market-tailored value proposition, we can help you develop content to meet the need for your particular event.

We can provide speakers in English, French and Spanish.