Start doing business in Mexico in as little as 30 days.

Has your company been hit by the generalized lack of skilled labour in Canada? If yes, might I suggest you start manufacturing in Mexico with Shelter Services? With our EMPROSS program, we’ll help you with: the Site selection process, Shelter outsourcing selection, feasibility and long term strategy, and of course due diligence support. All you must worry about is continue to do what you do best… manufacturing.

How the Shelter manufacturing model works

Key benefits for Canadian companies who start manufacturing in Mexico with Shelter services

  • Start doing business in Mexico in as little as 30 days.
  • Lower your start-up costs.
  • Increase your efficiency in the manufacturing community.
  • Control every aspect that matters to you.
How Canadian companies can start manufacturing in Mexico with Shelter services
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What are shelter services?

A shelter is a non-permanent establishment type of operation in which you control the whole operation.

What’s included in EMPROSS

Our Expanding to Mexico Program (EMPROSS) provides Canadian companies with the expertise and know how of moving your manufacturing operations to Mexico where you will find a large pool of skilled labor that will ensure your company stays competitive.

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Why Canadian companies must start manufacturing in Mexico with Shelter services?

First of all, there are already more than 3,700 foreign manufacturers doing bussiness in Mexico from various countries. and continents.

Canadian companies who manufacture in Mexico ensures they have the flexibility that grants them with dynamism and global balance; also they optimize their manufacturing capabilities in North America and improve their supply chain infrastructure by doing business with a fellow CUSMA signee neighboring country.

Manufacturing in Mexico

Many Canadian companies and manufacturers can ensure certainty in trade policies, like the 2021 USMCA which grants them access to the largest network of Free Trade Agreements by manufacturing in Mexico with an IMMEX certified Shelter provider.

Manufacturing in Mexico

Canadian manufacturers can take advantage of Mexico’s adaptive and highly skilled labor force which can adjust to new technologies and policies fairly quickly.

Around 25% of all foreign manufacturers in Mexico started operations with a Shelter service provider.

Supply chain and generalized skilled labor shortages are prompting North American manufacturers to consider Ally Shoring production in Mexico, so that they remain close to their customers and providers, to improve their competitiveness in the market and reduce inventory.

Manufacturing in Mexico

There are 9 Major Shelter companies in Mexico who provide Canadian and other foreign manufacturing companies with administrative services that help companies lower risks, reduce costs, and shorten the learning curve for ramping up operations.

Canadian companies that use the Shelter manufacturing model in Mexico are focused in enhancing their productivity. Canadian manufacturers reduce costs through advanced manufacturing technologies.


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