Can I send a Canadian expat to manage my manufacturing operations in Mexico?

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Yes, absolutely, you can send a Canadian expat to run your manufacturing operations in Mexico.

I mean, a Canadian company; or better yet, a Mexican entity can be fully owned 100%, by foreign capital. Except in certain industries which are minimal.

  • 90% of the industries in Mexico across the board can be fully owned by Canadian Capital.
  • The company can be fully run by Canadian nationals.
  • The board can be fully Canadian.
  • The officers can be fully Canadian.

As a Canadian company, you can expand your business to Mexico, and invest, and not hire any Mexicans. Basically, I mean everybody at the Higher levels, or mid-levels, or even lower levels can be Canadians, although that’s going to be another complexity, but I mean that’s as liberal as it can go.

And by the way, let me tell you something; Shelter companies in Mexico will have a service to attend the needs of the expected families of incoming expats running foreign manufacturing operations in Mexico. It’s something very important for the success of operations when you have Canadian expats in Mexico. 

That being said, unless there’s a very specific need of having a lot of expats, we will not recommend to have like tons of them, because Mexican managers are very capable, and you’ll be sending also a message of distrust to the rest of your blue collar employees.

But the short answer to: “Can I send a Canadian expat to run my manufacturing operations in Mexico?” is: Yes, you can.

But there are some considerations to be had.