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Shelter Services for manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico

Control every aspect that matters to you and start in as little as 30 days. Lower your start-up costs and increase your efficiency in the manufacturing community.

Manufacturing in Mexico

What’s included in EMPROSS

Why Mexico?

3,700+ foreign manufacturers in Mexico

Ensure flexibility, dynamism and global balance; By optimizing manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.

Manufacturing in Mexico

Certainty in trade policies, like the new USMCA and the largest network of FTA ́s.

Manufacturing in Mexico

Adaptive and highly skilled labor force. That can adjust to new technologies and policies

25% started operations with Shelter service providers

Consider nearshore production, close to customers to improve market and reduce inventory.

Manufacturing in Mexico

9 Major Shelter companies in Mexico

Focus in enhancing productivity. Through advanced manufacturing technologies. Wages rose faster than productivity lately (+ a strong dollar vs peso)

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Manufacturing in Mexico
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