Stratecca is a strategic consulting company

We help create alliances between different organizations and assist a wide variety of businesses in Canada and Mexico.

Business coaching

We’ll help you determine the feasibility of your business, guide you with strategic advice, and help you deal with commercial agreements and human resources issues.

Commercial representation

From initial market research and validation to product delivery and pickup, we’ve got you covered.

Business acquisition

We work with buyers and sellers to complete transactions. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact us directly or complete a buyer details form to participate in the following buyer programs


If you are thinking or planning to develop to expand your business to foreign markets; Being willing to sell your solutions, products or services in new markets is one thing.

Being ready is another.

Soft landing

Get all the support you need to focus yourself or your key personnel on doing what needs to be done!


We act as intermediaries, connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate transactions between individuals, and Canadian and Mexican organizations.


From an overview of the country, to details on how to start doing business in Mexico or Canada, landing softly, or building a market-tailored value proposition, we can help you develop content to meet the need for your particular event.

Our history

12 years of experience

We’ve been doing business in Mexico and Canada for more than 12 years and we’ve fostered good relations with organizations and private institutions in both countries.

10 companies incorporated

We’ve helped many companies start their operations so that they can expand their business to Canada and Mexico.

30 clients

18 strategic allies across Mexico and Canada

Conseil Coordonateur Entreprises Quebec Mexique
Camara de comercio latinoamericana de quebec
Programa de aceleración comercial en tecnologías de información y comunicación