What specialized services can I outsource in Mexico?

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Before asking “What specialized services can I outsource in Mexico?”, first, you need to review very clearly your corporate bylaws.

In regard to outsourcing, it is difficult to provide you with a list of all specialized services that you can outsource in Mexico. Because the answers depends on what are specialized services for your company, or, how do you define specialized services.

There is not a single definition of specialized services you can outsource in Mexico because they are all different for each industry.

Take for example a shelter services provider in Mexico.

A shelter firm must have shed all specialized services from its core purpose, or bylaws, as they are more commonly known. To be sure that said Shelter firm is an entity whose sole purpose is to provide legal consulting services. This firm is not elegible to hire or outsource legal consulting services from third parties. Because that is their core purpose (bylaws) and in Mexico, under the new Outsourcing legislation, a company cannot outsource any of its core activities as specialized services.

That is the way you must look at it from this standpoint.

Or, let’s say that you are a legal firm operating in Mexico.

If a company’s bylaws clearly state that they are going to provide legal specialized services, as well as marketing services, then said company is not eligible to hire a marketing firm to handle the marketing side of the firm.

Under the new Outsourcing legislation, it is illegal to outsource any services that are stated in the company’s bylaws.

So, to be able to outsource all marketing services from this hypothetical legal firm, they would have to strike the words “marketing services” from their company bylaws, so that they can hire a third-party marketing company to handle the marketing aspect of said legal firm.

I think that by defining what constitutes a specialized service in Mexico, is a better way to answer the question “what specialized services can I outsource in Mexico”, than to give you a definition, or a list, of what are specialized services, because it in essence, specialized services can mean anything. However, it all depends on your industry and most importantly, on your company bylaws.

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