Expand your business to Mexico

Learn how to cut production costs by 50% or more by moving your manufacturing to Mexico. Learn how stop worrying about import & export, personnel, tax exposure, or supply chain. So, you can focus on your production objectives, by plugging into Mexico’s cost savings without the hassle of a distant foreign subsidiary.


Wednesday, September 22
First session: 11:00 am

Second session: 01:30 pm
*GMT-4, Canadian eastern time zone

What you’ll learn

Myths and facts about manufacturing in Mexico

Shelter services in Mexico

What the Trade war between China and USA means for Canadian manufacturers

Costs and taxation in Mexico

Outsourcing in Mexico

Expanding into a foreign country is challenging

You need a building, employees must be hired and local service providers must be found. Everything you do must be managed in accordance with local laws and unfamiliar regulations. All of these tasks become more difficult when the customs and business practices of this country are unfamiliar.

Mexico, however, offers a unique way of managing these challenges that can simplify an operational launch.

If you’ve thought about expanding your business to Mexico, but you don’t know where to start, then this webinar will clear all your doubts.

Presented by Stratecca International

Meet your host, Manuel Ribeiro.

With a Bachelor’s degree in communications from the Universidad Regiomontana (Mexico), Manuel Ribeiro began his career in sales, marketing and communications in various companies in Mexico, including CNN. Trilingual and versatile, he was later hired by the technology specialist Grupo Asercom where, for 10 years, he helped increase the number of employees from 35 to 350 people.

Manuel is the President of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Quebec, Canadian regional partner of Monarques Ventures. And he is also the CEO of early growth cross-border venture capital funds of Stratecca International Inc, an international business advisory services firm.

Manuel Ribeiro, Founder and CEO of Stratecca International
Frequent questions that we’ll answer in this webinar:

Where is the best place to start a business in Mexico?

Is manufacturing in Mexico more cost effective than China?

Is it safe to manufacture in Mexico?

Can I send a Canadian expat to run my operations?

Is every type of manufacturing recommended in Mexico?

How much time does it take for my operations to start production?

Do I need to incorporate in Mexico to manufacture?

Are Mexican employees qualified for complex operations?

How do I protect my intellectual property?

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Wednesday, September 22
First session: 11:00 am

Second session: 01:30 pm
*GMT-4, Canadian eastern time zone